1900, avenue Jules-Verne, Québec G2G 2R2
1900, avenue Jules-Verne, Québec G2G 2R2

Honestly the best service shop I’ve ever gone to!

Publié le 09 octobre 2020

Honestly the best service shop I’ve ever gone to. My husband and I were in the area from Ontario to go hiking for a week and our car decided it wanted to start smoking. We took it there right away to get looked at so we could still make it home and they were able to look at it the same day and attempted the repair the next day. I say attempt because it actually turned into a bigger job than expected so it took a few days for the part to come in but in the end they were then able to get us back on the road. Thankfully they were able to find us a courtesy car to use for a few days so our trip wasn’t ruined. I was so impressed with the 3 service people I dealt with (Gabrièle, Kevin and Samuel). They were beyond amazing. When the car was first looked at Gabrièle took us right into the shop so we could actually see the issue and take pictures. Samuel was super helpful with providing pictures, keeping us updated throughout the day and even went to the car at the end to show us the damage that was done to the previous parts that they provided us with. Although the situation wasn’t ideal for us, I was so happy we choose that shop to go to. If only we were closer to use you as our regular service shop, thank you guys again!! – Meaghan Voncina

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